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Mission Refueling Option ?

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I do Innovation Research in the Helicopter ER & SAR technologies.

It has come to my attention that in ER and SAR helicopter missions,

there maybe cases when an alternative to Mid-Air Refueling can be


used, . .


The technology I am referring to is a pre-planned fuel delivery


system, where a fuel tank can be delivered to a GPS location.


This would mean a tank would be delivered to land or sea,


and the chopper in a hoover above the tank can tap into the


resource by connecting up and re-fueling from this source.


This scenario has some usefulness and advantage over mid air refueling


correct ?

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To start with only the larger military aircraft are equipped for mid air refueling. I don't know of any civil aircraft that are certified or equipped for mid-air refueling, be it from another aircraft or a stationary tank on the ground. Your idea of dispatching fuel has been in use since the beginning of the helicopter industry. Operators have been dispatching fuel and service trucks to remote locations since 1947 to meet the needs of their aircraft in the field.

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Well, anyway is just a thought, but I am talking, "perfect storm", there was an attempt at refueling that failed, . .


That turned out to be a disaster, I am thinking if a tank could have been delivered then a successful

refueling may have occurred.


Anyway last time I checked I did not find anything on the use of this technique.

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You simply can not take one highly unusual and very, very rare situation and think up a new means of refueling a helicopter aside from air to air refueling just because the aircraft couldn't accomplish the procedure due to the extreme environmental conditions.


Jople, might I suggest you gain some more knowledge and experience in the field of aviation and then rethink your prospective idea?


Let me enlighten you on this....


Take the same situation of "A Perfect Storm" and instead of utilizing an aerial tanker to perform a refuel, you plop a fuel tank in the middle of the ocean...... In seas that are swelling 80+ feet..... Need I say more?

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Admittedly, this might be defined as a science fiction scenario, however on the same token my friend, the same helicopter in the same situation is on a mission to pick up or rescue victim(s). It is my thought the efforts and mission being similar might be at least be considered. Some technical equipment's might find there way to the drawing board this way,

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