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Did they really change that?


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This probably seems trivial, but...


I got a new POH for the R22 from Robinson's website, when I noticed my weight and balance figures were off slightly? Then I found that they had changed the weight of the removable collective from 1.1 lbs in my old POH to 1.0 lbs in the new one.


Is this a typo, or did they really re-weigh the collective?


One tenth of a pound may not seem like much to most, but in the R22 it could be the difference between a successful hover and pancaked skids! :D

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The collective pivots as it's raised and lowered, meaning the distance from the datum is changing depending on how high it's raised. This has caused some confusion since a fully raised collective may shift enough weight rearward to cause the W/B to exceed aft limitations. Studies have shown that fully raising the collective in the end of a full down autorotation can cause the nose to pitch up violently and cause an uncontrolled aft roll causing the helicopter to backflip on the runway. The weight change is there to appease the NTSB who for years have ruled that the helicopter should never be in an instant with full collective raised in the helicopter they are referring to the accident data that came out in and if anyone is still reading this I would like to let you know that this story is completely fake and no part of it is true however I'm sure someone will stop reading after the first few sentences to start arguing about how absolutely wrong this is. Just having a bit of fun with you all.

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