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New Robinson -7 Blade Service Bulletin


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Guest pokey

I'm amazed at how that angle change made it to the final design in the first place.


Yes, i would like to hear the complete engineering story for this. Other than "well? it looked good on paper"

I don't know all that much about rotor blade design, or propellers,,, but don't most usually taper thinner as your get to the tip?


Perhaps it was like that old story at the construction site, where they were to build a giant new skyscraper,,, after digging for months, the foreman yelled down: "HEY JOE !! stop digging--i had the plans upside down"


I know this is no joking matter, i am glad that robinson acknowledges a problem with the design of his blades in this area, however, i don't think this is the proper way to handle this problem---the cheapest?----YES ! for now,, till someone else gets hurt.

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Yeah, I am going to hear about our maintenance responce to this in the AM staff meeting tomorrow. It will be interesting to know more.

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And if there wrong? I for one don't believe this patch job will fix the problem. They are basing their theory on the break being caused by torsional bending not fore and aft stress. (think of how a Brantley blade works) If I'm right it would explain the Orland crash and the recent new Zealand one. It also explains why it looks like the blade let go after hitting something solid. I hope I'm wrong.

Thoughts people?

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I am not an engineer but I do know Robinson has some real explaining to do if this latest crash in Florida was the result of a main blade breakup in flight.

The YouTube video is inexplicable. Even my lawyer friends say the video is crazy and Robby is nuts for having non mechanics grind on their own blades.

For years Robby has gone from aluminum to stainless steel and now back to aluminum, with the same disastrous results.

I guess comparing hours flown to incidents tames things down a little, but my gosh, when your nearly new blades are coming apart, delaminating or simply breaking, there is still a big problem somewhere.

Their are reports out there demonstrating that the FAA and NTSB can be easily manipulated by the factories, because in essence the FAA certified these aircraft for flight! I wonder if that is the problem here in the US? Until there are accurate answers, I say ground the fleet.

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