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Would anyone take a chance on this?

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No, it's an out dated Rotorway Scorpion 133, to make that thing fly well you would need to install at the least an RW-145 engine. just to fly 2 people. also it has the old style cable head, would need to upgrade it to the Elastomeric rotor system like in the Exec.


the mag is probably removed in the photo due to a broken timing belt, no telling where you would ever find one of those.


to make this machine a good helicopter you would need to dump another 10-15 grand in it. I also don't see any N# on it, may not have even been completed to airworthy. FAA's 51% build rule would kill it.


keep looking. there are better machines out there.


if you really do want a Scorpion, look for one with a 162 engine and the updated rotor system and cogbelt drive system.


trust me I had a Scorpion, ran out of funds before I could get it in the air.

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Just to give ya an Idea, here is just the updated Rotorhead you would need.




listed for $5,995


the way you can tell it is the out dated hub, is look for the flex cable coming out of the top of the Hub.


as for the Engine, the Early Scorpions started out with a modified out board engine.. had bad over heating issues, then Rotorway made their own engine the RW-133, basicly a water cool v.w. bug motor, with 305 chevy pistons and porshe crank shaft. had a belt driven magnito. easy to spot.


they later came out with the RW-145, RW-152 and later the RW-162 and 162F. the F model is fuel injected. those are the ones you want to find.


then look for the Cog belt conversion that replaced the heavy and leaking secondary drive chian and houseing.


once in awhile you will find one already converted at a good price, make sure the engine is under 500 hours or you will have to send the heads into the factory to be reworked. rocker arms jump off the studs. trust me I found out about this the hard way. thankfully was on ground running it up.

my advice is look around for a old Helicom Commuter and rebuild, they are what the Safari evolved from. or if you want a single seat, find a Mini-500 and have the MH-1 conversion done to it.


hope this helps ya some.


if you are near Florida I know of a Mini-500 project, listed on craigslist here local for $3,500


if it has not sold yet.



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