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Blackhawk ride

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Thought I'd share about an awesome flight I was able to go on last week. On the weekends, I fly RC helis with a Chief that flies quadcopters. He was able to get myself and some soldiers from my company approved for a ride along.


He had us scheduled for a flight up and around Seoul, but that got cancelled last minute due to some VIPs. He then was able to get us in after an AFN crew finished up some filming on a flight. It was just a regular in the area training flight, but he managed to make it a good time with some rapid level offs, and hitting 60 degrees of banking. He threw in a couple of beach landings for fun, it was a great view of the area of Korea that I've been at for the last 10 months. Got to see everything from a different point of view, and was able to improve the day of a few soldiers.


Overall it was a great time, and made me hopeful for getting selected in May. We've talked plenty of what I'm getting my self into, the warrant life isn't all rainbows and sunshine (used to that on the enlisted side, so no surprise there). With a few flights like that every now and then, I think I can manage through the day to day stupidity that the Army insists upon.

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