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Twin Turbine Helicopter Time-building (time-building) expense share / sharing or Club / Owner Benefit

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For newer, especially middle-aged or career changing aspirant commercial pilots, there exist many theories on how to get past 200 hours or to 1000 hours, how or why to get turbine time, etc. However, there may be no real methods to do it inexpensively or in short time unless you hit the dream job lotto or something, or just pay up.


Many practices, the ins and outs of ferry flights, bird chasing or photography or cherry drying are tossed around on the forums.


Meanwhile intrinsically valuable experimental medium lift twin turbine time is potentially available in experimental aircraft approved for exhibition may exist.


Proficiency flights are integral to exhibition authorizations for aircraft with Special Airworthiness Certification under the Experimental designation. As are X-C flights to air shows, etc.
For the price of shared expenses (fuel, insurance, etc., in excess of $300+/hr in particular), aircraft co-owners or ownership interest holders and/or flight participants could get a lot of time together or solo, getting each PIC time and or 2nd in command time, or even instrument time if the experimental ship was set up for it. Sure, first you may be required to hold and appropriate class and category rating to be PIC. If considering only shared expenses, compare that to R22 rental.
Why hasn't anyone tried this yet? I am hoping for thoughtful input with from forum participants citing FAR or other official guidance.
This conversation is not represented as a loophole or work around for the regulations intended to keep us safe. It is provided as a discussion of an alternative method of investment in your, my, or a persons' aviation proficiency. Think of it as a practicing to drive a Winnebago in a Winnebago of which you own part, or of which you share in the cost of operation. But this Winnebago flies, and has twin turbines.



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