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International Tour Pilot Rates

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Guest pokey


That's not you, in a thread about international operations, asking my input? How about that? You lied again.


It's apparent you don't understand airworthiness and topics related thereto.


Time to put you on the ignore list. I've had enough of your f*cking stupidity.





oh, it was me, where is the question mark tho? don't you realize what a question is? from a fact.


awww, he not only went away,, he went away mad

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I don't know the whole background of your conflict and frankly, I don't care. But pokey, you seem like you're having some serious obsessive issues. And reading some recent posts on this board I must say it brings down the quality quite a bit and it's pretty annoying.

Now go ahead and do your thing, whatever...

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Does anyone know the going pay rate for international pilots....


I flew International in Africa, some seven years ago. Angola and the Congo. Terrific experience.


My employer kindly rewarded us for our additional tribulation with an extra $18,200 a year. That was on top of basic US pay. To my mind, it was a steal of a deal. I'd have done it for no extra pay, because it was such an eye popping experience to see a bit of Africa. I scribbled some scribbles about it, and here's a few links.


Of helicopters and Humans (1) Living in a Cubicle


Of helicopters and Humans (3) "A certain rich aroma"


Of helicopters and Humans (13) "One Midnight in the Departure Hall"


Of Helicopters and Humans (12) "African Near-Miss"


and, on a more musing note:


Red Dust (2) "in the shadow of the turtle, meditation"


I know of guys who hate it over there (Nigeria jumps to mind), and i know of guys working a month on, a month off, flying 8-9 hours a day, putting up with constant dust, high density altitude operations, changing weather, frequent thunderstorms, and trifling little pesky things defined as "IED's" and "bullets". They earn every last dime they get paid, and it's a lot. And it's in a truly great cause, in my view. A bit of a forgotten war, it seems. With enormous stakes.

The removal of the Kiowa Warrior umbrella leaves a hole that seems to be slowly getting bigger. Pity the front line grunts still out there. I'd take a job out there if I could find one.


International flying is a tremendous experience. I also flew tuna boats for five years, so I saw PapuaNew Guinea, Solomon islands, Tarawa, etc. I scribbled a bunch about all that. Money tends to be better, sometimes awesomely so, but I would do it for the experience. I promise you that when Immigration at Houston or where ever says "Welcome home, Sir" you will have a whole new appreciation for the United States of America. Which I am proud to call "HOME".



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@ hokey


be good now. Or I'll write you another poem...


Peace is good.



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