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How to find the right pilot?

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I have a project that I would like to get underway by fall this year that would require an experienced pilot and helicopter of course.I would like to do a fairly large scale wildlife capture in rough country. How would I go about finding a contractor that will fit my needs?

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You need to find the right Pilot and the right helicopter.


As far as the pilot goes. Look for someone who has done wildlife capture before. That should be your first goal. Secondly, look for someone who had lots of low level experience, such as agricultural work, or even Christmas tree harvesting experience. Those are likely the two closest roles to animal capture/hunting missions. Third look for someone who has a fair bit of time in the type of helicopter being operated. at least a few hundred hours. They do a ton of wildlife capture in NZ, many if the kiwi pilots will have the experience you want.


Then you have to pick a helicopter.

The MD 500 is the first choice around the world for game capture due to its agility, safety, and compact size. It also has lots of mounting points for the harnesses and gear you may be using. A bell 206 works also, and with a veteran pilot can be quite nimble, and is about the same cost. I personally wouldn't do capture from anything less.


My first choice would be the 500 so you never have to worry about mast bumping following the game.

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Ask Earl... Or, Contact Aerowest Helicopters..........




Basically, contact an operator who provides that type of service. You’ll get everything you’ll need without having to search for specifics. That is, they’ll provide the pilot and helicopter who are experts in the field… Tying to recreate the service from scratch may cost you more than you need to spend, up to, death and destruction… It’s a no brainer…

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