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USAR & ARNG Aviation Units & Current Airframes

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Hey everyone,


I'm looking for current information on Army Reserve & Army National Guard aviation units, their whereabouts, and what model airframe(s) they're currently flying.

The closest I could come up with for the USAR is this, but it's a bit dated and I know for a fact some of these units either consolidated or were shut down completely.usar-avn-110514.jpg


As for the ARNG side of the house, all I was able to find is this website and I know this is dated too:


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yeaaaaaaahhhhhh... There's a reason that information is outdated. OPSEC is big lately. It's out there, but I'm not going to be the one to find it and consolidate it. Sorry.

Between this and people posting dates and training locations I'm about to loose my mind...
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