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If you are looking for time building, I am planning a flight in my R44 Raven II from San Diego (SEE) to Seattle (BFI) on or about June 12th July. The plan is to head up the coast through the LA airspace, which is an adventure in itself. If everything goes as planned, it should be roughly a 15 hour flight, with or without an overnight stay.

I am an 1,100 hour private pilot with 350 helicopter hours, many of which are cross country. My R44 flys great and is equipped with two com radios, stereo Bose headsets and two Foreflight packaged iPads with ADS- In.

I am looking for a commercial pilot or a CFI to share $200.00 per hour of the expenses, plus personal expenses. I have made similar flights on numerous occasions and am along just to provide relief and experience.


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I can offer my services to you as a fully qualified and current CFII in Robinsons, and more specifically the R44. Theres no need for you to ride along. As a commercial level pilot and instructor, I can ferry your aircraft for you, but at a charge. I would expect to be paid for my services. I would charge you $75 per hobbs hour for ferrying your helicopter to Seattle safely, and efficiently. Or you could help a low hour experience pilot out and toss the time to him/her for free! You seem to be a wealthy owner where money isn't an issue for you. You'd make a pilots' day for doing that. Happy trails!

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I'm not sure how you determined that I "seem to be a wealthy owner where money isn't an issue" from my posting. I am just a guy who enjoys flying a helicopter and try to justify the expense by sharing some of it with someone who is trying to build time. I prefer to fly along to provide relief for this type of a long cross country flight, while protecting my investment. I appreciate your offer, but it won't work for me.

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I agree with Ragman there. As a commercial pilot and CFI as well, my money spent in training was so I could be a professional pilot, not just an expert pilot. Plenty of excellent trained pilots here willing to ferry your helicopter for a fair wage.

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