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Places Near Base with Month to Month Rentals

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Careful buying a house near Rucker, in the end you won't be there longer then about 2 years. Make sure you research rents and taxes to see what you'll end up with net if you decide to keep the house as a rental when you PCS, factor in your house payment and expenses such as a property manager. Make sure that owning that house as a rental will not hurt you if you decide to purchase when you get to your new assignment. Just a couple things to think about.

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A month to month rental that's "nice" might be hard to find. We stayed at the Daleville in (the most expensive unit they had) back in like 08. Classy green leather furniture, but those units were actually clean (unlike other rentals they run). I was stationed there (enlisted) back then and leaving for deployment in a couple months. It wasn't as bad as people make it out to be ... but I definitely wouldn't call it nice. I would never rent in daleville besides a couple months. Other than a couple other comparable to the dville inn, you could find some TDY units through property managers. Most I've seen are furnished townhomes (that's what i did with mine when we headed off for korea). Last I saw, they were kinda pricey ... I think they hike the prices up for foreign students.

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