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Cyclic forces

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When flying different R22's I've noticed that some require much more force in forward flight to maintain an attitude, some are easy on my shoulder others require constant right pressure, I've even had one that felt like it needed aft pressure for stable flight.


I've noticed that one helicopter that required substantial pressure suddenly was much easier after getting new blades. What causes the differences in forces for stable forward flight? Is it blade balance? Is it pitch-change link setting? Is it something in the control rods, or something else I'm overlooking?

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Couple things, I've noticed when blades and especially spindle bearings are at end of life, it takes a lot more to get them to fly.....more pressure on forward cyclic.


I once flew an R22 with a cracked blade (long story) it didn't want to leave from a hover.


There is also a bungee cord that holds tension on the cyclic.....and they make different strengths of bungee to offset forces...so every 22 can fly a bit different.


There is also the cyclic stir that most 22's have. But when you fly one that has been balanced well and is in good shape, it's so smooth you forget you are flying and the cyclic doesn't stir much on the ground.


So yes, blade balance, spindle bearing conditions, bungee strength all play a part.


But, what the hell do I know. Just started flying them in 86.


Fly em safely!

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Rising and falling collectives is all I've really noticed, never anything with the cyclic, but then again, recently in a Sikorsky the guy next to me mentioned that my cyclic was off center,...but I didn't notice it a bit?!


,...of course I've only flown a few R22s.


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I thought the bungee cord was only for trim? The feeling I'm talking about is when you're in forward flight without trim, some birds your shoulder will be burning in a few minutes, others you can fly an hour and a half and never need to pull the trim. I've noticed a fine trim knob on the bottom left side of the instrument panel but assumed it wasn't something I should adjust, can cyclic forces in forward flight without trim pulled be adjusted with this or does it only adjust the bungee?

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