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ACU is the uniform, UCP and OCP refer to the camouflage patterns used. FRACUs are the flame resistant uniforms issued to deploying units during RFI. You can tell FRACUs apart from standard ACUs by a slight difference in color as they age, and a small nylon patch on the sleeve of the coat, and the cargo pocket of the trousers.


Some commands allow them for wear in garrison, and others do not. I have an abundance of UCP FRACUs from a deployment to Iraq a few years ago. I know that OCP/OEF FRACUs are authorized Army-wide until the mandatory wear-out date of UCP, but I'm not sure how Rucker and the WOCC handles UCP FRACUs.


I'd rather not purchase any more uniforms at this point, if I'm going to be wearing the A2CU in a few months.

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I'm well aware what FRACUs are but that's what I'm trying to say. I'm not sure what the policy is for wearing FRACUs during wocs is but whatever it is wouldn't matter what pattern it is. If FRACUs are allowed you could wear them in ACU or UCP wouldn't matter. I know for a fact after wocs you may wear them until you get your flight issue (which is still ACU pattern A2CU until the unknown future per CIF last week when I asked) but during wocs I don't know 100% if you can or not.

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