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Stats for Sept 2015 Board

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Effing. Torture.

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Do you think we are going to hear anything today???

During the January board, the results were posted the Friday the board met. Ive heard it can take up to several weeks though? I hope not for all of your sanity!! The results were posted on the Milper page on HRC and for some reason they were actually posted in the Army Times.

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Good luck to you, man. I started my whole process last August. You honestly can get a lot of the stuff done rather quickly, depending on how much your recruiter actually gives a sh*t. I was set back because of unforeseen obstacles (such as an ADHD diagnosis as a child that my flight doc tried to disqualify me for.. Had to get a psych eval and everything, but got my flight physical approved without a waiver since I was only medicated for 2 months at 6 years old). If all that wouldn't have gone down, I could have been boarded in January!! Add a recruiter goofing the date of my battalion board, and I missed May as well. And then the July board gets cancelled?! If your process goes smoothly, consider yourself lucky. I'm crossing my fingers that getting through all the setbacks and the months of waiting will finally pay off. If there's one thing building a packet has taught me... it is patience.

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