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Moral waiver situation

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I had to apply for a moral waiver for an incident that I felt I didn't get due process on. So I highered a lawyer and the case was dismissed. I didn't take a plea and did not have to pay any fines the case was completely dismissed. Then highered the lawyer on again to take my case to court for expungement. He recently won the expungement case meaning my record was cleared of the incident because I was found 100% innocent. Since my record is cleared do I have to apply for a moral waiver?


Has anyone else had to deal with waivers?

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From the USAREC FAQ page:

"Q: How do I know if I need a moral waiver?

A: You should check YES in block 26 of the DA Form 61 if you have ever been arrested, charged, cited, held, or detained for any reason at any time. This includes any previous juvenile offenses, Article 15s, courts-martial or traffic fines of more than $250. Example: You were detained for vandalism while in high school but the charge was dismissed. You still require a waiver because you were detained for this offense. If an infraction is noted on your enlistment contract, you must request a moral waiver. If you need a moral waiver, follow the format in the sample packet and include a moral waiver for each violation."


You'll still require a moral waiver because you were arrested/charged/cited/held/detained, even though the case was dismissed. At least that's how I read the answer above.


EDIT: Ksuguy received some clarification from USAREC on this issue. It seems that a moral waiver is not required if you submit proof of expungement.

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