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Ferry/Contract Pilot Available

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I'm available again for temp/ferry work.


Located near Charlotte, NC. Willing to travel if necessary.


Please PM for contact information.




- Helicopter: Commercial, CFI, CFII

- Airplane: ATP AMEL, Commercial ASEL


- R44 PIC / CFI endorsements. Not SFAR current as of November 2018, but could get current.




Total Time: 2000

Helicopter: 1400 (1350 PIC)

Airplane SEL: 300

Airplane MEL: 300

Turbine: 600 [300 Heli PIC / 100 Turboprop PIC / 200 Jet SIC]


Night: 300

Cross-Country: 850

Mountain/High-DA: 300+

Instrument: 140 hood / 30 actual

Dual Given Heli: 490

Alaska: 275


R44: 770

R22: 330


AS350: 275

B206: 25

H500/H369: 5


Previous Experience


- Lots of helicopter tours. ENG. Low-level wildlife survey. Flight instruction.

- Part 135 PIC in AS350. Part 135 PIC King Air 90.

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Let us know if you find someone here whose actually willing to pay a pilot to ferry their aircraft. That's a rarity on this forum and I for one would love to see it happen!

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It does happen, but it's usually private owners or business that aren't well connected to the flight training industry (and the plight of low-time aviators) or who genuinely want flight instruction during their flights.


But I agree, it's far less common than it should be.

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I regularly pay people to ferry helicopters. They just tend to be my cfi's flying solo as I know and trust them. They get paid there normal hourly rate. I don't get any revenue out of it but an R22 with one person on board gets there a lot faster with a cfi flying solo. No girlfriends. Not students. On a long ferry that might require an overnight with two people on board a single cfi can maybe do it safely in one day when he doesn't have to worry about the schedule of the other person. So there's an advantage to someone you know well doing this.

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