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LA County 412


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I was relieved to read that the LACFD 412 crew was safe and will put aside the 'graveyard spiral' jokes. Yep, that was Rose Hills cemetary, and it's a big place for the non locals. The uscheduled Mx & repairs as well as 1 ship out of opertion for more than a few weeks might hurt if more fires break lose. I'm sure Goldy will have further info when it is available and factual.


Kind of a suck weekend for fire ships as one of Helicopter Express' 205's likely had a wire strikeup during support ops for the Cabin fire - precautionary landing and crew OK.



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I was on the Cabin fire where the 205 had it's wire strike last week. The ship appeared to be ok from a distance, but I heard the pilot was quite shaken up....of course who wouldn't be if you just had that oh sh*t moment......from what I heard he did a normal power on landing to the edge of the reservoir.


The 412 did lose it's tail in what appeared to be a hard flare. I've heard some rumors that are hard to believe, so I'll just keep my mouth shut for now and wait for something more official. That said, it's hard to lose both engines simultaneously.


Ditto on keeping it upright and putting it down successfully. Sheriff's sent a helicopter over (our SuperPuma) to check on the crew......but did not have to transport anyone. Sounded like minor back and neck injuries only.

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The SAFECOM narrative on the Cabin fire wire strike reads "During an IA, at approx. 1400 Helicopter-XXX departed San Gabriel Dam to pick up a load of water. Upon lifting with a load of water the helicopter had a wire strike. The pilot was able to successfully perform an emergency landing in a nearby cove where aircraft was then shut down."

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