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Chopper Spotter with Bell 429


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Hello everyone,


It's been a while since I've been on here, but after lots of considerations between the EC-145T2 and the Bell 429 we have placed an order for the Bell 429. It arrives in December. Amazing machine! Bell people were an absolute pleasure to work with! Super excited to say the least!


The Bell 429 is replacing my pride and joy EC-130B4 which is now for sale. We have two Chopper Spotter Model 4's that we used with the EC-130 at the two airports that we fly between. In talking with the nice folks at Chopper Spotter they offered me a "heavy duty" kit that improves the Model 4's ability to lift a 7000-8000 lbs class aircraft along with 429 specific saddles and front clamps. Before pulling the trigger on the kit, I wanted to try and hear experiences from other 429 operators that perhaps use the Chopper Spotter. Chopper Spotter did say they have several users but of course, understandably, couldn't share their contact information respecting their privacy.


Has anyone had any experience with the Chopper Spotter and a 429?




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I thought I'd take a moment to answer my own question and leave a searchable answer. In short...the chopper spotter can lift the B429 but only when using the forward factory ground handling gear. It's not authorized to lift on any point that isn't the pick up lugs. Air Zermatt has been known to do it this way.




Since this wasn't ideal for our needs we choose to go with the Heliporter from Paravion. It is twice the cost but three times the machine. It's huge, but clearly the right piece of equipment for the job. Paravion was a joy to do business with and their product is top quality.

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Helinomad Thanks for the update and information.

It is good to hear product reviews.

I just recently got my new lightspeed headset.

After I have had sufficient time to give a good perspective on the wireless headset, I to will come write a review.

So far after 1 week, my thought is that it is great.

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