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CONTACT : 603 608 5905

Summary: TT helicopter 1052+ hours , Commercial Pilot, Instrument Rated, CFI, CFII, , SFAR 73 CFI Endorsement R22 /R44, Class II Medical, 135 lbs. Single.

Flight Experience by Aircraft Type:
Piston: 955.5 hrs: Instruction Given: 452.6 hrs
R22: 475+ hrs: Instruction Given: 238.9
R44: 394+ hrs: Instruction Given: 209.1
Schweizer: 62 hrs: Instruction Given 35
Bell 47: 21 hrs: Instruction Given: 10

Turbine: 97 hrs
Eurocopter AS350 BA 65 hrs
Bell UHT1E 1.5 hrs
Bell 206 4.8 hrs
SA 341 2.4 hrs

Twin Turbine: 26.5 hrs
Eurocopter EC155B1 12.3 hrs
Bell 429 9.3 hrs
Eurocopter EC145 4.4 hrs
Eurocopter EC135 .5 hrs


Flight Experience by Type

Cross Country: 327+ hrs

Instrument: 122 hrs

Night: 59 hrs

Night Cross Country: 26.3 hrs

Related Aviation Training/ Experience:

Flying in the Wires Environment, Edison, NJ, June 2013

Survival Systems Shallow Water Egress Training May 2012. Robinson safety course 2009.

CFI Renewal/ Flight Review current to 5/2016;

Robinson R22 and R44 Flight Review April 2014;

DC SFRA 2011, current.

WINGS Phase 1 Basic, 22 courses AOPA/ HAI/ IHST , TSA for Flight Schools 2/2015.

Experience with International Flights

Master of Science, University of Calgary, Geology 1987
Bachelor of Science, with Distinction, University of Toronto, Geology/Geophysics 1983
Mount Holyoke College (transferred after one year) French and Geology 1980
High School Diploma, Hotchkiss School 1979
National Registry Emergency Medical Technician 2012



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