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Aviation Physical Question

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Last week I had my Battalion board interview which went well however I am/was trying to get into the September board but have come across an issue.


The only thing left I have to do is my flight physical. For whatever reason I was told I couldn't do the physical before the battalion board. I was almost 100% sure this wasn't the case as I had heard of other people getting the physical done months ahead of time but I was told I would have no issues getting it scheduled right after the board anyway. Yesterday my recruiter told me they can't get me in to do it at Fort Drum until October 1st.


So at this point it is looking like I'm out of luck for the September board. However, after posting my unfortunate story on facebook today I was contacted by a warrant officer "friend" who said he would call around and see if he could find a way to get me in for a physical.


Here is my question though. There are two National Guard aviation units in my area (Rochester, NY). Do Guard units have aviation doctors? Is it possible to schedule a flight physical with a National Guard doctor and use it instead of going through Fort Drum?


I know at this point I'm super short on time and it's a holiday weekend so I probably won't even be able to contact anyone but I figured it can't hurt to try. I'm just so frustrated that my recruiter wouldn't let me do the flight physical before the battalion board.

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