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Visiting Base / Meeting Warrant Officers

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Hello all,

I am in the beginning stages of putting together a WOFT packet. I'm currently a flight test engineer working for an OEM that has been seriously considering the Army for a while now. I have a fixed wing PPL and am working on an instrument rating... flying/aviation has become a big part of my life. That being said, I've felt that something is missing in my life and I think that serving my country (and doing something I love at the same time) would be a great privilege. Took the ASVAB and SIFT a while back and did well. I dont have the greatest GPA (thanks engineering school), however I have a great work history and can put together some solid civilian LORs.


I do not have any family that is prior military nor do I have any experience even being on base. I'd like to do a little networking and meet some Warrant Officers in their natural habitat to get a better feel for Army life. Are base visits something that can be reasonably accommodated? Would any of you that are on base be willing to show a new guy around?


Thanks for any help you can give.

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While civilians could get on military bases fairly hassle free in the past, the increased security threat will make it a little more difficult. Don't just try to get onto the base willynilly without someone knowing you are coming.


The best course of action is to get in contact with a warrant beforehand somehow. She/He should contact Security and inform them you are coming. When you arrive at the gate they should have your name and who is sponsoring you on base. You will definitely need some form of ID and have proof of insurance. They will probably ask you what the visit is for and how long you will be, and give you a physical pass. The warrant is responsible for your actions, so be on your best behavior.


I'm a civilian as well and lacked any family members in the military. My base experience boiled down to an open tour before the restrictions increased on an Army base like six years ago. Experience on a base isn't really something that is important to this process, so the best chance you have is getting an interview from a warrant instead of a straight tour. (Besides, there is not much they can probably show you in the first place besides the outside of buildings and the inside of the PX/fast food chains.)


Arranging an interview with a warrant is not easy, but it's not as difficult as people sometimes make it out to be. Probably the biggest factor is how far you are from an aviation base. As far as I know, a CWO can only write an LoR for you if they are in aviation. (Considering you are applying for WOFT.) How far are you from the nearest aviation base? Would you be willing to drive/fly to one?


Start a linked in account if you don't have one. You would be surprised at who you can find on that. I ended up getting a reference from a CW5 CWOB, my process was fairly straight forward. I got in touch with the nearest bases PAO. (Sent an email explaining my situation.) They hooked me up with the Aviation's PAO, who hooked me up with a CW4, who then forwarded me to the CW5. Write an email explaining your situation, and they should be able to help. I'm assuming since you took the SIFT and ASVAB, you not only have an essay/resume written out, you also have a recruiter. If that's the case, the CWO will most likely want to see what you have before you even meet them in person. If they like what they see, they will set up a face to face meeting with you at a later date. It is now your responsibility to be on time, look professional, and most of all be confident.


I hope I answered your question. I started to ramble a bit.


EDIT: Keep in mind that there is a good chance that your recruiter will want to drive you to the interview if it's close enough. If they are also building a packet, this is helpful to them as well. *cough**cough*

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That's great advice there!!!


I chuckled at this: do a little networking and meet some Warrant Officers in their natural habitat


You'd be surprised who you could meet in a coffee shop...

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