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$100/hr time building in an r22

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Throwing out an idea, just checking on interest.


Im a 200+hr cfi in an r22 but i need 15hrs as soon as possible for a job application, so im willing to split the cost with you. This is for time building only, not for primary instruction. Private pilot rating at a minimum. This will have to happen between october 7-11th in fresno, ca. Or, if you are local and can make it a day trip, we can do a full days worth of flying when our schedules allow it. Unfortunately, the heat is still a factor and keeping the helicopters cool has sometimes been an issue. I cant gaurantee the weather and cooling of the helos, so you may show up and we may never fly. If its over 95F, we wont be flying.


Lots of options on where we fly as i am comfortable in both LA and san francisco airspace. We can return to fresno every day and you can stay at a hotel or stay at my place. If you want to do a tour of california and stay at hotels, you will be responsible for the costs of hotel for the both of us (sharing a room is fine) and any over night fbo fees.


To me, this sounds like a too good to be true deal, so to tilt it towards my favor a little bit, buy me a steak dinner at harris ranch, $50! Lets try to fly 5hrs a day for 3 days. I can do 8hrs/7hrs over 2 days, but not ideal.


First come, first served and payment MUST be made in CASH after each days flight.

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He said..."I am a 200+ hr CFI.." Probably the later. However he did edit after your comment...maybe he added that detail...

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so is it your helicopter? or are you looking for someone to split cost of renting one? 200$ for a 22 seems like a pretty good rate, especially considering I can only think of 1 place to rent them where your at and their prices are outrageous...


I am curious what the 15 hours would be needed for... unless your at like 285 and need 300 for a cfi job...

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Does it have to be in Fresno??

Thats a good point. I guess it doesnt have to be. I can consider going to your fbo where you are allowed to rent helos and will be the primary renter and i will just come along for the ride. And if you are asking for your own benefit goldy, this would work out great cause i grew up in the sfv and i can just stay at my parents place.

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