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If you haven't signed the contract yet then there's nothing to affect. If you have signed then all you have to do is change your status after you get married. You weren't selected for your marital status.

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Question for anyone who can help... Just got selected for November. Do you suggest I get married before or after I sign my contract?! Not sure what's easiest when it comes to contract, security clearance, etc.



First off congrats on being selected. Second don't worry about it effecting your contract. It will be easier to get married before basic training but just make sure you leave enough time to get everything situated. You will have to update your profile with the recruiter before you ship so make sure you have your marriage license, her social security card, drivers license and birth cert. You will also need to get her parents info (address, birth date, where they were born, etc.). Your recruiter should be able to tell you everything you need. When you're at BCT she should be able to go through DEERS for her ID and ensuring she is covered for tricare health insurance.


Main reason its easier to get married before BCT is your orders should already have dependents attached to them. If you wait for between BCT and Rucker or after WOCS you will have to get your orders amended to show you are allowed a dependent move. It should be fairly quick to ammend orders but can also be a hassle because that delays the process for when your dependents can move to location.


If you have any questions feel free to message me.

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Definitely looking to get married before basic, but just wasn't sure if it would affect my contract in any way if I was to get married after signing compared to before. No one can really seem to get me a correct answer on this and I figured someone on this board might know...

Thanks for your help!

Also if you get married before Basic and WOCS you may qualify for Family Sep Pay. I'm not sure if they will qualify you for it during Basic Training. I also don't remember if I got it for WOCS or not.

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