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From recruiting on Facebook:

ATTENTION all Warrant Officer applicants! Milper Message 15-381 containing the results of the United States Army Warrant Officer Selection Board Results, November 2015 have been posted! Review message here: https://www.hrc.army.mil/Milper/15-381. Congratulations to those who have been selected! To those who have not been selected, you have one more look, be sure to update your application, send updates to usarmy.knox.usarec.mbx.9sbn-new-warrant-updates@mail.mil.


To those who are NCNS a second time, remember to review AR 135-100 para 2-5, "energy and persistence conquer all things," (Benjamin Franklin).


Selects, Be sure to visit http://usacac.army.mil/organizations/cace/wocc/courses/wocsto get prepared for the next step!

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Didn't make it this time. Congrats to those who made it. My pursuit to be an aviator is just getting heated up. I'm not giving up this dream.



Unfortunately I also didn't get selected. I will keep trying though. Congrats chwxwax, I believe I know you. I met you when you were working on your cobra at randy's place


Did either of you receive any reasons from the board as to why you were not selected?

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Have any AD folks gotten dates yet or any additional information?

Nope....I called two days ago to verify they had my correct email because I'm an interservice transfer and the guy I spoke to said they were still working the scheduling. He said we would receive an email with dates and any pertinent instructions. Hopefully we get that sooner than later so I can start planning...

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Course dates should be showing up now. I just got mine a little over an hour ago. My WOCS class start date is March 30th.


Does anyone have any information or can help with the moving and housing situation? I'm AD Army and moving my family from Macdill AFB. I'm trying to figure out the best way to go about it. Such as when I should show up, where I should live (I'm thinking on-post is preferable), housing wait lists, and elementary schools for my son in kindergarten.


Any help would be appreciated!

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