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Hi All!


First off I would like to thank everyone for sharing all the information they have gathered. This website has been tremendously helpful for me. I definitely wouldn't be as far along as I am without it.


I am a Reserve Soldier, currently deployed and I am trying to get as much done towards my packet while I am overseas. I am trying to find a better answer on the tattoo policy. The 10 April 2015 AR 670-1, 3-3 Tattoos seems to have changed the USAREC's requirements. I have tattoos but none of them violate the policy. Am I still required to upload them if they do no violate policy? I currently have access to iPERMS and would like to knock this out if I can.


Any input would be helpful!



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I didn't upload any of mine. They are noted on my flight physical. Thats it. Not 100% what the exact rules are, but they did not require me to upload anything as long as I was within regs

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Same here. I dont recall having to upload photos of them. However on my flight physical the PA goes "See this pen. It has every tattoo you have inside of it. But it only works for you. So make it work in the box on the lower right"

That is pretty awesome. I know the new regulation does not require tattoos to be iPERMed unless they are in violation. I just was uncertain if the requirements for the packet changed as well. Thanks!

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I am talking about the newest regulation. I just wanted clarification if the requirements for the packet were different. It looks like I have nothing to worry about. Thanks again guys.

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