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Questionable Aviation Website

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I know I am new to this forum, however I am asking for your guidance and advice. I have recently been made aware of this site through my chain of command. There are crash photos (in the case I am dealing with 5 years ago) on this website that are being published to the public which have not been cleared through the official channels. Unfortunately, these photos have been exposed to the the Families of the Fallen. The Families have never seen these unreleased photos and public release of the photos are causing extensive grief to the Families. I have tried to contact the POC of this site, but they are unresponsive. The Families agree that such photos can/should be used for training purposes but not for release to the public. Can anyone direct me to who runs http://www.armyaircrews.com/

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Sadly with every crash we deal with the photos usually end up leaked. My company had the first group of fielded Apache Block IIIs and one flipped due to weather. The pictures were posted to like 20 websites within the first five minutes. Luckily no one was in it anymore.

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I don't think that the operators of armyaircrews has any interest in offending anyone. If you look at the site it has been displaying crash photos since vietnam. The site is specifically created to show respect to the families of the fallen. I'm sure if the families are that griefed, the operators will take down the pictures.

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How exactly is this a questionable website?


I can see if they were posting photos of the crash site prior to PNOK notification, or if they were posting photos of body parts, but they are not. In a very superficial way, that website keeps their memory alive, long after the memorial ceremonies are over.


To be blunt, if the families are still experiencing grief because they are seeing pictures of a wrecked aircraft (5 years later!), they need to get over it or seek professional help.


Those who had perished were not only members of the armed forces, but aviators as well, and most perished in combat. Death is a very real and likely consequence in our line of work. I've got a few dead friends, and some of their names are on that website.


Guidance and advice: if you or your chain of command are acting in an official capacity to attempt to silence a private entity from posting publicly available information, especially since that website is attempting honor the fallen, you should reconsider your line of work.

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