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UVU online program & finacing - training with CO Heli Ops

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Has anyone gone through the UVU online Heli course that knows about their finacing... I have called their finacial aid department and no one has any idea what they are talking about, they just keep bouncing me from department to department.


I need to know if their finacial aid covers the cost of flight training at a satilite location (CO Heli Ops) & if it doesn't what percetage does it cover?


Also as a side note, has anyone trained with CO Heli Ops, are they a good school to fly with & do they hire CFIs after the fact. (I did drive over there and visited their facilities, they were top notch)


Thanks much!

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Hi Dacheat2K,


Thanks for the good words about CHO, we really do care about all aspects of our business.


I waited to talk with my team about UVU as things change over there from time to time. Last we heard UVU didn’t have a helicopter program any more.. not sure why. I know we haven’t worked with them in years.


We recently received our 141 (after waiting six years), and are currently working on a program with local community colleges which will make financing much easier. We will also soon have our VA Chapter 33 program up and running. I recommend you call someone at CHO to discuss those options. 303.466.HELI (4354)


We expect some significant growth after these programs are completed and will no doubt be looking for some new instructors.


We do hire our CFIIs, in fact, so far we’ve hired every one that we’ve made and even more from other schools. THAT BEING SAID, it is very difficult to keep that ratio going so we don’t guarantee a job to anyone. Also, we are probably one of the hardest, most focused schools out there. Due to that and our high time lead instructors, FITS/SBT syllabus, SMS program, and tour flights, we make really good instructors. (We have flown over 1200 tour flights in the past five years, and that’s just our Living Social/Groupon tours… we fly about four regular tours a week. Most of our CFIIs start flying tours around 300 hours).



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I am currently going through UVU's online aviation program. If I remember right they got rid of their helicopter program a few years ago. From my understanding it was basically because of pilots signing up, getting their finances process and once they got their check they dropped the program. You can still get financed through them but you don't receive very much per semester to really make using them as a primary financial source. From what some students have told me they only send out like 4k a semster. Which wouldn't last long in flight training.

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