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Is there a comprehensive list anywhere that can list the benefits and drawbacks of each EMS company?

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Seems like a lot of these EMS companies are hiring right now, but it seems like information is hard to come by as to what sets each company apart from the other aside from ships they use and number of bases.


I'm looking to get a general comparison of each company to get an idea of which one may be the best fit for me? Either Air Evac, Air Methods or Metro Aviation.


I realize the easiest place to ask is over in the original forums at JH but those usually spiral out of control into anger and trolling way too fast to be very helpful.



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I don't think you're gonna see any company that really separates themselves from others. I have friends working in several different companies. We all roughly get paid the same, have the same benefits, do the same job and operate similar equipment. There's no real trash talk or trying to prop up each other's company over another. Any little advantage you might find in one company will really be insignificant in the big picture.


My advice is to pick a company that has an aircraft where you want to settle down. Doesn't matter how much of a bonus you get, if you go where the money is to live in a crap area, you won't enjoy it. Second bit of advice, try and find out if said area does a descent (25 +)amount of flights. Bases do close for unproductivity. Just be prepared to pick up and move if the time comes.

Oh yeah, don't flying for Air Evac...they suck.😀

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The base you go to will most likely have a bigger influence on your overall job experience than the company you're working for. Pay is usually fairly close between the major companies, benefits will be in the general ballpark too.


That said, I worked for Air Methods and was not thrilled with the union or the training. If it's all that was available around me it would be no big deal and it would still be a fine job, but I left to go to PHI and have been happy ever since.


Your mileage may vary.

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You can compare compensation directly, but each base and it's management will be a unique experience within a big company. There are happy and unhappy bases in the best companies as well as the so called "worst", and big companies will have the widest variety of experience because they have more bases.

Nothing is better than a personal visit and talk with pilots where you want to be. I've only had two jobs in the last 30 years so I'm not an expert. That's how I selected both employers, lots of talk and road time...

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