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Persons wanted to pay for a ferry flight from CA to FL. Great PIC and X/C time building opportunity on a Robinson R44 ferry flight from California to Florida (SRQ) within the next couple of days (flexible timing around October 25, 2015) on a two to three day trip with approx. 25hrs actual flight time at $290 p./hr. (Hotel expenses included). You will meet Tim, our company pilot in San Francisco and then pick-up the aircraft to be ferried.


Please contact Nick for further details:
(941) 355-1525


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The post should read "Person wanted to pay for our ferry from California to Florida."


It does. (did it change?) At least he's not offering a bunch of useless made up endorsements along the way. Those are the ones that irk me. He doesnt need a pilot, he already has one. So the owner is already paying a pilot to do it which is the usual complaint. Shoot.... Id even do it but I dont pay to fly anymore. This thing is currently based right near where Im from and coming right back to where I live :) Id take a few days off and do it for my expenses. Sometimes a deal is attractive to one person and not to others. If you needed R44 time, $290 an hour is better than the usual fee for a 44. Its not even to far fetched for someone to call and negotiate the price.

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Flying Pig, the post did, and still does read; R44 Ferry Pilot Wanted. That post is misleading although it is posted in"Time Building" so anyone that's been to this site a few times should realize those threads are reserved for selling hours to those wealthy enough to burn the cash. I take issue with time building in general, and therefore all posts of this nature. It is the result of poor industry practices, ineffective regulation, and greed. Selling a seat in a commercial operation is wrong regardless of what "part" you are flying under. Ferrying an aircraft for someone is a commercial operation, as is pipeline patrol, boat chasing, or even bird chasing, all of which I've seen advertised in the last year on this site as "time building".

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How are these flights structured from an FAR perspective? Is the "pay-2-play" pilot sharing expenses somehow? Is he renting the helicopter for 290/hr?


From my experience the pay to play pilot logs it as dual received and the other guy as dual given. So its all under the guise of training.


Boatpix is the same way. Their "insurance" requires 100 hours in their "uniquely equipped" R22 doing their "specific" type of flying, so its all logged as training received/ given.

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