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Flight physical during ncoes?!

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So setback after setback seems to be the norm with warrant packets. As some of you may know I failed my physical for my eyes, and have since had corrective surgery. I originally planned to finish my physical in January after the 90 day required wait period (January 24) to be exact. Well I just received a class date for ALC in January which means long story short I'll be there until April potentially adding another 4-6 months to my process. Do you think it would be frowned upon by the senior leadership of a non commissioned officer leaders course if I still pursued my flight physical through their flight surgeon. I don't want to get sh*t on and get bad treatment for trying to further my career or anything. (Don't want them thinking I don't enjoy being a NCO or anything especially since I'm looking at pinning e6 so fast) My physical is literally the only thing I'd be waiting on to be board ready by February. I just wanna get it done and submitted at least before I deploy next year.

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Yeah my buddy just left alc last month and said I would have plenty of time cause he was off by 1400 everyday. Fingers crossed I have the same schedule lol. I just don't wanna jeopardize getting honor grad or dhg which would also look good on my packet

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