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Flight school in Canada

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I am now turning 30 and been out of the working market for about 5 years (I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to take some time off to raise my son). I worked as a avionic contractor on different project (mainly on airplanes) for about 5 years previously to that. My son is now in high school and after a lot of toughs I decided to take the step and make a change of career. I want to start my commercial helicopter training next spring, I did some research and it seems that the schools are pretty much in the same price point in Canada. I was wondering if anyone can recommend or as previous positive experience with a school? I live on the west coast but can manage to do my training on the east coast if it's better to do it there. Also any recommendation on which courses to take? I do want to do the best to help me find work but I don't want to pay extra money for courses that won't help me getting work. I am aware that it's hard to start a career in that field but that being said I am ready and I have a situation that can permit me to volunteer those hours if it's what it take to build them. I just wish to keep the cost as low as possible...







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Chinook is the default option, largest school by far and good reputation. Bit of a puppy mill these days of course, as comes with the size. Not the cheapest.


I can also recommend Heli College Langley, if you want to train at a smaller school these guys are top notch. Both with the theory and with the flying part. Lyle Watts and Geoff Stevens, both decades and tens of thousands of hours of experience.

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