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EMS Operators in Nepal/Everest Area

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Hello all,


I'm new to the forums here and am looking into beginning my journey into the field. My question is pretty simple; just curious as to if anybody here has experience with EMS/SAR operators in Nepal and the Everest area?


I had just been reading this article:


And I noticed a reference to Aaron Mauck, an American helicopter pilot, and was really intrigued.


I know its a really long path into EMS, and I'm not trying to put the cart before the horse, just day-dreaming. Thanks everyone!

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I have a friend that has flown over there for the last couple years. He said that he doesn't believe there are any dedicated EMS operators in the area. Most of them are untility companies that "help out" in emergency situations. He said the military will very rarely help, but sometimes.

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Yes, most of the operators get involved in EMS missions from what I have learned. You might reach out to Steven Bruce Bokan, look for him on Fb....he flies every day in the mountains of Nepal....nice guy too.

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Awesome! Thanks a bunch for the replies guys. I was able to track down Steven Bruce Bokan on FB, looks like he's living the dream over there. I might send him a message, I'm just so far away from the point of looking to get hired, that it might be a little early. Thanks again!

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