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Schools in the Tulsa area

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Hello everyone. I have always wanted to fly. I tried using my GI bill when I was stationed in Alaska from 1995-2000 to get my private license but quickly found out the Ch30 GI Bill didn't pay for private licenses....wasn't able to afford the training on my own (honestly now that I think about it I just didn't want it bad enough because if there is a will, there is a way)...anyways. I have been working with the VA in Education for 8yrs now and with my 14.5yr old son always saying he wants to fly helicopters since he seen his 1st Blackhawk fly over..it has rekindled that desire I had before. But, now, I can afford it :lol:


Me and the wife were talking the other day and she asked why do I not go to try and obtain my private license.....well ok! So, I have started emailing a few companies in the Tulsa area and received a response back from 1 company, Tulsa County Helicopters. I have talked to them and they seem very friendly (yes I know they want my money) they shot me an average price of $29925.00. I think they train in Robinson 44 but could be wrong on that.


If I am lucky enough to get my private lic....I am also looking into buying a Rotorway Exec 162f or maybe an A600 Talon.....but that is all subject to change once I get to that point...maybe something better may come up...who knows, but if I do get my private license, I will purchase a helicopter for personal enjoyment.


Anyways, does anyone have any recommendations for a local school? I actually live in Ft Gibson which is about 50 miles south of Tulsa

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