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IRR to 153A

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I have a question regarding if it's possible to leave active duty go into the IRR and apply for flight and stay reserves. If anyone has experience with this, what are the pros and cons. I'm looking at all my options to become an aviator. I know active duty is downsizing troops and reserves are stocking up, so I would think I'd have a better chance. If this has been addressed before on another thread I apologize.

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Your best bet, if you wish to separate from AD then apply for a flight slot, is via the National Guard. Mdeneso is correct that you must be in a unit in the Reserves to get a flight school slot.


Start your research here:




And then here:




Good Luck to you,

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You would probably have to call the reserves warrant officer recruiter to get the info on the reserve WOFT process. I believe you have to be in an actual reserve unit to apply for the 153 position. Do not quote me on that though.


You can, that's exactly what I did. Get in contact with a Reserve recruiter and they will get you squared away. Last I heard the Reserves were short on qualified applicants. So more than likely you'll get selected if you submit a completed packet.

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