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Do you think who your LOR is from matters?

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So I have a question I've been told by the warrants I work with to get a specific cw5 because of the positions he has held. I did that and now they are all like, dude your packet is gonna be golden! What I'm curious is do you think the LOR really makes or breaks a packet or is it mostly your own contributions as a soldier or civilian?

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One does not simply become a CW5 without being important to someone somewhere... I'd venture to guess that a letter from a CW5 would hold significant value, no matter what their position is or was.


My story is a little different being Guard, smaller world to deal with. I was taken by my commander, to my battalion SP (CW3) for a letter. He interviewed me (little did I know at the time but he is known for having a black and white personality, he either likes you or hates your guts and you're a POS). Apparently he liked me because after the interview he said "I'll be right back" and left his office. He comes back in and tells me to come with him. What happened was he went two doors down and vouched for me to a CW5 regular IP who he said would hold more weight to the board than him. I went with it and got this "Regular IP" LOR from the CW5.


On my State board, the SAO (LTC) glanced through my packet as I answered the other board member's questions. At the end of the interview the board members asked the SAO right in front of me what he thinks. He said, "How in the hell did you get "CW5's name here" to write you a letter, he never does that for anyone?" I explained the story above to him. LTC said to the board "he's good."


Anyways, sometimes position doesn't matter so much as rank itself does. Rank in the warrant world correlates to time as a warrant. Maybe the CW5 letter could be the LTCs stick buddy in flight school, who knows. But my CW5 was and always has been "just an IP."

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My Senior Warrant's letter was from a CW5 Fligh Lead who I had been a crew chief for for a few years. He wrote me my LOR, which was pretty short and really wasn't even very detailed. He just said he had worked with me for the past few years and said I was really good at my job and should be selected on the next board. I was excited to let him know I had been selected on my board and thanks again for my letter, to which he replied, "I know I have written 12 letters and 11 of them have been selected."


So yes I would have to agree

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I got an interview opportunity with a CW5 Division SP. So to me, that was huge. This gentleman had 30 years in as a pilot. Talking to him, it seemed he had done everything and knew everybody. I felt that this made my packet speak volumes having a LOR from him. I knew his background somewhat beforehand, so I made sure my packet was straight before he reviewed it. One thing I didn't want, was for him to think I wasn't deserving of the opportunity. LORs are vital. They speak volumes and carry a lot of the weight of your packet. However, the board will be looking at the whole Soldier concept. Everything in your packet has to be straight. Put that extra time and effort in to get that LOR from a CW5 and nail that interview.

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Yeah I got my interview from the division CW5 as well. He said he only writes three letters per board. I assumed that was so his word was "worth more?" And show that he doesn't just vouch for 50 ppl. On the plus side the cw5 and a cw4 warrant officer recruiter both said my packet looks good so fingers crossed. Thanks for the replies that's pretty much what I thought.

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