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agricultural pilot for aerial application Mar-Apr 2016

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We are planning a rodent eradication operation in Puerto Rico in Mar/Apr this year and are looking for a pilot to do the aerial application or serve as a back up pilot available on retainer. We are leasing a Bell 206 in the Southeast US and using fertilizer spreader buckets and TracMap system. The operation will span approximately 50 days with two applications Mar 7- 19 and Apr 3 – 14. We are anticipating approximately 45 hours of flight time with the majority of it flying external loads from mainland PR to the offshore island. Pilot would not need to be in Puerto Rico for the entire 50 day period, but be there during the two application periods.


Do you have any pilots that are legally able to take on contract work in the US during Mar/Apr and would meet the following requirements?

· Current US Commercial Pilots License and medical with a minimum of 3000 hours rotor wing

· Hold a current FAA Part 137 Agricultural aircraft operator certificate endorsed for dispensing of economic poisons.

· Hold a current FAA Part 133 (Class B) External load certificate.

· Experience in supporting aerial baiting, forestry fertilizing and/ or agricultural spraying operations including the handling of agricultural or forestry pesticides, fertilizers or poisons.

· Minimum of 2 years experience operating Bell 206 with a minimum of 250 hours spreader bucket and DGPS experience

· Minimum of 250 hours DGPS guidance experience in any type of aerial agricultural application.

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