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Jobs you did during your training to pay for hours?

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Hi all, I am currently going through instrument (Colorado Heli- Ops) and have been fighting fire in the summer to pay for flight school. The downside is that by fighting fire, I'm unable to fly at all during the summer which obviously hurts my ability to maintain the skill level I have reached the previous winters. I was curious what jobs other people did during their training that allowed them to train fairly frequently and pay for most of their flight hours? I'm trying to avoid loans and external financing, but if anyone has info on that too it would also help!



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Damn dude! When I delivered pizza I made $5 bucks an hour, that wasn't even enough to live in my car, let alone fly,...you must've made a ton in tips! :lol:


Back in college the girl who lived next door to me was stripping her way through school,...my thighs were too hairy for the pole, so I had to take out a loan. :ph34r:


How anybody works their way through flight school is a mystery to me? At $300 bucks an hour dual how can anyone save that much and also pay living expenses? Even driving a truck it'd take me 10 years just to save enough for my ppl,...and that's while living in the truck! :rolleyes:

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Couple ideas...

Door to Door sales. (I'm not through training yet, but I did pay for a bachelors degree for myself and my wife by selling pest control services.) I'm from Colorado and have plenty of contacts in the Denver area. PM me for info. If you get on with a relaxed company you set your own hours.


Or drive for Uber.

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Worked at the flight school as a line service guy for the two years I was training. Wasn't bad really. Was a great way to meet just about everyone that came through the door, and met a lot of great customers around the airport. Working the late night shift, sweeping the hanger and putting birds away all the while rocking out to ACDC at 12am wasn't too bad. But damn did coming into a freezing cold work morning on the flight line at 6am during day shift days BLOW!


Of course I didn't have to pay for training as I was compensated for serving six years on active duty (technically 8 years total with inactive time.)

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