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HeliExpo 2016 VR get together

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Missed you all.

I had to leave a day early.

The rotors an Ribs booth will still be manned.

Any of you going ?

I will look for you there.


No wonder, dp and I stopped by the booth but you weren’t there….. Next time….


And, sorry I couldn’t make the VR gathering as I got pulled in another direction. I had to “represent” and such…. I hope it was a good time!

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Hey All,


The show was good for us, lots of business and safety stuff. It was great seeing everyone at the get together, and meeting up with old friends.


There are some photos on our fb page, i'll try to get them posted here for those that don't go there.


Some say it wasn't the best place for the show, to us, it seemed good. There weren't as many helicopters on the floor which was a bummer, but, it wasn't overly crowded. Also, the folks that were there seemed more serious and focused on the industry instead of other stuff. The locals were very nice and the bourbon was even better... :-)



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Hey all,


The Expo was good for us, it’s always great to see old friends and make new ones. We were so busy I didn’t get much time on the floor, have to figure out how to plan that better.


There were much fewer helicopters, which was a bummer. There were also less people but some said those that were there were serious about business so I guess that’s a good thing. When I was on the floor the crowd was much less intense so it was easier to get around.


It was great to see the folks at the get together, the restaurant was a cool place and the people awesome.. food was good too. Louisville is a very cool city and the locals were extremely nice. I had some of the best food as well.


Our safety meetings and presentations went well, people are finally getting the message and things are coming together. We are working with our insurance broker (who was at the Expo and on the panel for our presentation), and USHST members to develop an outline of safety initiatives that would provide discounts on operators’ insurance costs. This is the Holy Grail folks, now that insurance providers are seeing the value of SMS and other safety programs, hopefully more operators will be incentivized to follow suite.


It was so nice to hear everybody calling students ‘pilots in training’, and I think Mike Franz’s name came up about 50 times. I also got an opportunity to explain the difference between FITS SBT and scenario interjection. There were a lot of lights going on in the audience when they realized that FITS SBT is a comprehensive program, developed by the FAA, not simply adding a scenario to a flight.


Here is a link to the NTSB blog, this was written by the CoChair about the Expo:




I finally got some of the photos posted on my flicker acct. These are also on our fb page if that is easier for you.









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It was so nice to hear everybody calling students ‘pilots in training’...



Sitting here waiting for the Sun to eclipse (really cool by the way. looks kinda like a black hole) and I finally see a post that's not that lame-ass army thread that's been dominating the content spy for days now and so I have to ask,...


I don't get it?

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