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Military to Civilian Lessons Learned


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This is good stuff! I really appreciate those of you with the knowledge and experience sounding off and correcting the things that I had put in that document. As I've said, this is a compilation of my lessons learned and my lessons continue to be learned.


I don't expect this document to ever be in anyway complete, as I hope that as a (hopeful) professional aviator, my learning is never complete.


I have made the changes in it to incorporate the definition of cross country time and it's distinction for use for an aeronautical rating; as well as the rest of the 61.51 covering the logging of PIC time.


I have also updated my resume to reflect that understanding, subtracting a few hundred hours from my listed PIC time.


Please, continue to critique my document and share the knowledge. This is a professional discussion forum and I'd love to hear any other lessons learned that could help those of us (me) attempting to make that transition.


Attached is Change 1 to the document.



Military to Civilian Helicopter Pilot Lessons Learned CHANGE 1.pdf

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