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The Simple Things in Life


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Just found out there's a White Castle in Vegas!!! Its across the street from the Mirage and its been there since last year,...?


,...serves me right for not venturing beyond the Sbarros at Ballys. Now I have to go back to Vegas,...damn! :)

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Peeking up at the stars through the t-tops, as I drive home from a rather nice sunset flight up the coast, I can't help but think, damn I love driving my Trans Am! I don't drive it much these days since I leased a new Civic for that job back East I thought I was going to trek across the country twice a year for the next few years for,...but sh*t happens.


I often think about that experience while sitting at McDonalds during my lunch break. Can't help but wonder how things would have turned out (especially as we near the end of the season) if my boss had simply treated me like a human being?,...'course I also wonder what things would be like if I'd gotten that job drying cherries a couple of years ago too,...would I have gone back this year,...next year?


Got a lot of free time to think while fumbling through ten gears chugging my way through grid-lock each day. I only work about seven hours a day,...well maybe two hours of actual work, the rest is just sitting in traffic. Yeah, I get paid to sit in traffic!




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