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Medical Waiver Question

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So I went to the doctor today because my knee's been killing me for about 2 weeks now. I can't really put a lot of weight on it and long story short, he thinks there is ligament damage (specifically ACL) but we won't know for sure until I get an MRI.


Are ACL waivers given fairly easily? I did a bit of googling but couldn't find any current info.


Is it safe to assume that I'll need a new MEPs and flight physical?


Has anyone been in a similar situation and know a rough timeline?


I guess I just feel like sh*t about it because I was basically at the finish line about to board and now I feel like I have to start over. Any advise/wisdom on the situation would be appreciated.

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If you already have a flight physical, put up with the pain go there if you get accepted and tell them you hurt it during woc school ha. Then you'll have a while to heal. Jk don't do that could make it worse

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Nvm I misread that. If they correct your knee and it heals and is asymptomatic then you're good. But I'm willing to bet there will be a long recovery period.


Yeah I read that as long as it heals properly after surgery you'll be fine. I just wasn't sure if it was basically up to the MEPs doctor or if you needed a waiver and it was decided by someone else.

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