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Preferences for EASA PPL-H Course

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Hi everyone,

I'm orientating where I want to follow a course to get my EASA PPL-H license. (in the EU)
But I find it very hard to straighten things out.

Hopefully you guys can give an helping hand / some advice.

I'm not looking for the cheapest way or with job prospects.
But I prefer an experienced Instructor (with the right 'click') and a country that will give me both a wonderful experience aswel as a good learning environment.


I know time isn't everything but stil I prefer an instructor that has a certain amount of hours.
But what would be good and reasonable directive?
Both minimum total flight hours and minimum instruction hours?


Country wise I'm very interested in you're thoughts
Please let me know you're preference and especially why!
(weather, overall experience, do you think some country's have some other kind of benefits?, would you recommend or dissuade mountain environment ?)


I'm in the position to follow an fulltime course with a maximum of +/- 8 weeks.


​But what time of the year would be desirable?

I don't want to become a 'good weather pilot' and understand that some weather conditions comes with more flight hours of training

A recognized flight school will be an added bonus, but isn't a pre.

How would you're top 3 EASA Heli FlightSchools look like?

I hope to hear from you guys soon.

Many Thanks so far thumbs.gif

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Well if you want to come to the States for just a PPL I'd go to Jerry Trimble. I'm not that fond of Oregon, but he's a good instructor, and one of the "old guys" who knows the R22 inside and out,...plus I like flying the hp.


That being said, this site is poputated mostly by US pilots and probably 98% of the one's who post are in the military, so you may have difficulty getting the response you're looking for here?

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