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It’s time to step outside the world of planned flight patterns, and mind-numbing procedures. Whether you’re building flight time towards the requirements of your next certificate, or preparing for a helicopter pilot position, this is the ideal opportunity to gain flight hours quickly, and cost effectively. Challenge your ability to navigate difficult terrain, by joining our team during contracted flights, between June 25 and July 22, 2016.

Choose between the BELL 206 L-3 and ROBINSON R44, and decide how much time you need to meet your standards and personal goals. This unique experience will mature you as a pilot, and instill real life situational awareness, and decision making skills. These hours are a shared cost between the student, and contracting contracting company of this mission. Candidates will work with our pilots during a seasonal mission, learning unique flying techniques under real world pressures and expectations. Take advantage of this limited opportunity to purchase flight time rich in real-world experience, at well below market prices. It’s about time your log books had hours’ worth more than a signature - let’s do this!

Bell 206 L-3 $ 450 /hr. (Usually $ 1,450)
Robinson R44 $ 295 /hr. (Usually $ 490)

Bell 206L: 06/25 to 07/04

07/13 to 07/22

R44 II: 06/25 to 07/04
07/07 to 07/22

NOTE: Minimum booking is 6 hrs per day. If flight time exceeds 6 hrs, candidate will receive those additional hours at NO COST. All interested students will be fully briefed in the expectations, and protocols during this mission, prior to reserving their flight time blocks. *Available dates valid as of April 20, 2016.


Contact Heli Aviation at (941) 355-1525 or info@heliaf.com

Visit: www.heliaf.com



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Great photo. Maybe I'm just way too tame in my old age, but I'd never pay to fly some guys around who are standing on the skids of the helicopter with no fall protection. In my uneducated opinion, that sounds like a great way to kill someone and lose my pilots certificate.


Buy hey, cheap flight time, baby!!!

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$295 is a bit high for time-building in an R-44 (considering there's an offer just below this one for $200/hr). Besides, I thought Robby skids weren't designed to take downward loads?

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No doubt the clients who are standing unsecured on the skids have a legitimate reason to be there, but if I was the client I would not want a zero-experience person on the controls. It might also be safer to be one person lighter (dump the student) to have the excess power available in the 44.


It is a sneaky way for the operator, who perhaps got the contract by offering the lowest price, to claw back some income by getting the newby to pay to sit there.


Yes, it is good to have a way of mentoring a newby while he gets some experience, but there might be a more satisfactory way to achieve it.

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