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PRICE $295 (Wet) hour on Building R-44 Raven II flight time


Flying a 2013 mint condition machine with factory a/c for the summer:


06/24/16 – 06/27/16

(Plan on three full days of flying, four day could be for WX delays)

KUDD (Bermuda Dunes, CA) to KATL (Atlanta, GA)

Approximate flight time is 15 -20 hours


Please either email me or call if you should have any questions and/or comments.


All flight times are approximates, so prepayment of 50% of said hours at the rate of $295 per hour is required prior to confirmation. You could request one part or all flight time scheduled, at the completion of event a final billing is made for the balance due. Payments could be made by cash (AMEX/ Visa/ Master Card/ Pay Pal or Bank Transfer) credit cards add 3% fee.


All flights are weather pending. Any overnight stays & meals/expenses are the flyer’s responsibility.


“How do I know it's (not) a bait and switch or you take my money and run”. It's my ship and the flight isn't work related just seeing family; just trying to help someone build XC time at an affordable rate. After we’re done with each days’ flight time, we can settle up. If you want to take advantage of this then email me.



Christopher Cheek

(760) 898-4079

Email: christopher@c2airservices.com


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