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Hey Everyone,


It's been a while since I've been on and for good reason! I'm nearly done with the process and everything seems to be going smoothly.


My wife wanted me to ask you guys how the deployment schedule looks like currently and how likely are you to get deployed soon after completion of fight school.


Such as, are we actively rotating groups into theater? If so, how many?

How long are these rotations?

Are deployments only in the middle east and if not, how are deployments conducted if you were posted in places like Germany?


You know the general idea of what I'm getting at. Just a family trying to foresee what we might have to plan around.


Thank you everyone.


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You're signing up to be a Soldier, not a Boy Scout. Prepare accordingly.


Most of what you're asking to be answered is considered OPSEC so I'll just say that if you don't want to get deployed and fight for this country, the military is not for you. In my eyes, it's like getting a job at McDonald's and hoping not to flip burgers.

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Unlessway ouyay areway usingway away ivatepray emailway erversay, ouryay estionquay an'tcay ebay answeredway erehay.



I thought I was having a stroke for a good 10 seconds before I figured this sentence out.

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