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Helijobs.net and HEMS


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There are some big operators in HEMS. Last time I looked at the two largest, the openings weren't an unusual ratio. Both were down from the previous check, I don't look very often. Some of the openings were in places where most people won't settle for a lifetime, for various reasons. The only reason I went HEMS was to be with the family, location was THE priority.


Further thoughts:

My previous employer (I'm retired) posts ALL openings on a public open position list even though many will be filled internally. Example- I believe there were three or four senior pilots interested in the position I left, so that posting was not a practical reality for new a hire. This procedure seems to multiply open positions, as the successive shuffling continues until the last more desirable seat is filled by internal movement and a new hire is placed in what will likely be a temporary position.

Finally, many of my HEMS peers are Vietnam vets, we're not getting any younger. EVERY single pilot pilot leaving my base in the last 10 years has been a Vietnam era vet, but that has only been a few, one every year and a half or two.

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Plus I think the top three EMS companies are opening 3 or 4 new bases a year. So that's easily 50 new pilot jobs a year.


Plus most of the older guys have long since chosen an EMS base and settled down. I'm sure EMS has a higher consistency of older pilots than other areas of the industry. The guys slowly retiring are doing so from EMS.

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