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November 2016 WOFT Selection Board

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So I am currently planning on being in the November board, but I may be pushed to the January board depending on how things pan out! But I thought I may as well get a thread started for everyone else who is looking to make the cut!



ASVAB/GT: 96/131

SIFT: 76

PT: 234 (Currently unofficial but I know I need to improve it still... Got about 2 more weeks to keep pushing)

Flight Physical: WIP (Met with the flight surgeon on Wednesday and I belive phase 1 will be completed this coming Wednesday.)

Military: None

Civilian Education: 84 Credits, Associates in General Studies, 3.5 GPA

LOR: President of the Christian College I graduated from, Current boss, Retired CW3, (and potentially a CW5 although he just deployed)

Flight hours: None

Battalion Board: TBD


My recruiter had told me that we will make the November board, although I thought he had also said that the deadline is November 3rd however when I checked online it looks like it is October 17th. So that is why I am unsure of if I will make it.

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Got word today that I was selected as well. Congrats to all. See you at Rucker.

Just got my official call from the army! Got selected!!! All I know is there were 3 non-selects out of about 20 on the civilian side

I couldn't agree more. Everything from WOCS to flight school graduation is well structured to teach you what you need to know while you're in the course. Studying ahead of time really wont set you a

Seems like a stretch to make the November board from where you are at from my humble experience of trying to make the September board. And July board. I'd take the time after your flight physical clears to get that CW5 LOR and make sure your APFT is 270+ (my recruiters recommendation to be competitive)


I'll be up for the November Board (civilian). Battalion board is slated for Oct. 14th. All else is complete.



ASVAB/GT: 98/140

SIFT: 76

APFT: 287

Flight Physical: good to go!

Military: none

Flight Hours: none

Education: -High school valedictorian

(3.75 GPA unaccredited ministry school afterwards)

LOR: Major (pilot), LTC (pilot), Ret. CW4 (pilot) Ret. CW5 (pilot)

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Nice stats man! Good luck!


I was shooting for at least a 250 from what I had seen other guys post who were accepted. And I am also expecting to probably not make the November board but I wanted to get it in as soon as possible. Worst case scenario I would just have to try again in the next board if I didn't get selected.

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PT, get that up. Even though a decent score should be competitive for the national board, you should also consider the battalion board. Any weakness, you will get grilled on, don't give them anything to criticize! Next thing you know you are stumbling over your words explaining why you don't do more push-ups everyday and they mark you down for lack of confidence and being unprepared. Fitness is probably the thing you have the most direct control over. It was a lot easier for me to explain why I got an F in a college algebra class 12 years ago than it would have been for me to explain why I couldn't run a good 2 mile last week.


Rest of the stats from you guys look solid!

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I believe I am officially in for the November Board, so here it is.


ASVAB/GT: 95/133
SIFT: 68
PT: 234
Flight Physical: All clear
Military: 12 years TIS, currently Security Forces in Air National Guard (Full-time)
Civilian Education: A.A.S in Criminal Justice, A.A.S in Avionics, 1 class away from completing B.S in Aeronautical Technology.
LOR: Wing Commander (0-6 Pilot), Professor in Aviation department (Ret. 0-6), Aviation Department Head, Security Forces Operations Officer (0-3), Blackhawk Pilot (CW-3)
Flight hours: 77 Hours fixed-wing, 11 PIC
Battalion Board: 2 Nov, 75/75 with strong narrative blocks from all three, 1 LTC and 2 CPT.


I was told by the person that submits the packages, at my Battalion, that the cutoff for Nov Civ Board was noon on 3 Nov.

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See that's what I thought, but he said February... He once told me civilian board and army boards are on different days so that's why I haven't been sure... (Part of the reason I mentioned it here.)

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See that's what I thought, but he said February... He once told me civilian board and army boards are on different days so that's why I haven't been sure... (Part of the reason I mentioned it here.)

It's on the same week. Civilians they start with on the Monday, results out by Wednesday. Then the do the active duty, results out by the following week.




Dates listed here say next board is January 23


If your recruiter says anything different, ask to talk to whoever is in charge of checking over and submitting packets downtown at wherever you did or will do your battalion board interview.


And don't accept from your recruiter anything like, "yeah, I called our commander and he says blah blah blah." Confirm everything yourself

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Steve0, thanks for the information! I have been trying to confirm the information he has been giving me. Are the deadlines different for active duty and civilian? Because that may have been where I first got confused. And my recruiter has always shot straight with me and been willing to help, he just doesn't get stuff straight with WOFT sometimes because I am his first applicant for WOFT.

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Civilian deadline is 10 days before the board. However, your battalion interview board needs to be done before then, so you need everything in to them and have your interview scheduled by whatever date they have scheduled. I imagine it would be in early January or sometime in December, I'm not sure how the holidays effect their schedule. For the September board my interview was early August, so I needed everything in done by then.

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Good luck everyone. I had my BN interview last month and waiting now on USAREC board results.


Here are my stats:

Age: 28
ASVAB/GT: 94/129
SIFT: 58
PT: 248
Flight Physical: No waivers
Military: None
Civilian Education: B.S. Political Science

Flight Time: 16hrs Fixed Wing
LOR: Mayor, JAG officer, Congressmen, Staff Sgt.
Battalion Board: Late October, 73/75, (2) Cpt, (1) 1LT

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Hello everyone! I am awaiting the selection results this week as well. Haven't heard anything yet but from my understanding they seem to come out Wednesday or Thursday of that week. Fingers crossed!


My Stats



Age: 30

ASVAB/GT: 77 /117

SIFT: 57

PT: 282

Flight Physical: Passed no waivers needed

Military: None

Civilian Education: B.S. Criminology & Psycology

Flight Time: 20 hours fixed wing and a couple ground school courses.

LOR: Retired CW4 instructor pilot, Retired AF captain and current chief operating pilot for State Police, Former Airline pilot.

Battalion Board: Early October, 75/75. 2 captains and 1 major.

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