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November 2016 WOFT Selection Board

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Got word today that I was selected as well. Congrats to all. See you at Rucker.

Just got my official call from the army! Got selected!!! All I know is there were 3 non-selects out of about 20 on the civilian side

I couldn't agree more. Everything from WOCS to flight school graduation is well structured to teach you what you need to know while you're in the course. Studying ahead of time really wont set you a

Well, as a Competitive-NS from the last board, this board will be my last rodeo for a year if I dont make it. Good luck to the rest of the active duty applicants. List should be out by the end of the week.

Age: 24


Sift- 57


Education- 72 credit hours towards BS CJ (3.0 gpa)

LOR- CW5, 0-4, and 0-3

NCOES- BLC (commandants list)


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Here's my submission haha... hopefully they are a little lenient on that PT ( Currently crashing my computer hitting that refresh button)

Age: 22

GT: 116
SIFT: 58
PT: 239
Flight Physical: Class 1/ Class 4(ATC)
Military: 3 years (BLC/ ATC LOWE AHP FAA ATC Rating 2 1/2 years) SPC E-4
Civilian Education:80 Credits for an Aviation BS
Flight Time: none
LOR: CW4 Blackhawk training course Safety officer, O-6 LOR, O-3 LOR


Good luck everybody :)

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Doc I ship 1/25/17 to Ft. Jackson. I don't have any other school days though...congrats to all who got selected!

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