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WOFT High School to Flight School Questions

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Hello everyone, my name is Victor, a high school senior from VT.


I've found this forum to be VERY HELPFUL as far as WOFT statistics go, still have some questions for you though -




-What are some resources I can use that will help me study for the ASVAB and the SIFT test? (Links to get them or PDF/email?)


-Any tips on helping up my APFT scores? (A certain exercise etc...)


-What kind of questions will the Board ask me?


-What are some reasons the national board would deny my application after I passed the first board and they all recommended me? (Just curious, thinking ahead)


-Would these people be good people to get a letter of recommendation from? Fire Chief, Army Colonel RET, Congressman, Vermont State Representative? And I know a U.S. Air Force pilot through Scouting, should I reach out to him and ask if he'd write me one? He's currently still active.



- Any tips or tricks for my packet, what works, what doesn't?



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I would look at the pinned topics, they have extremely useful information as far as the separate tests and the board interview go.


Lindsey has a good general guide under the WOFT topic. There are books for ASVAB, online tests, and guides to use.


For the APFT, the tests are simple enough that you can practice each individual requirement till you get the score desired. Joining track would probably help you with the run. Doing workouts for upper body and core would help with the pushups, but honestly I would just do pushups every day and slowly increase the reps over time. Same goes for the sit-ups.


Don't know much about anything else. I'm still in high school too :)

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ASVAB - just find study guides online. Practice the math sections the most. It helps if you can quickly work out percentages, I found a lot of the math section was just that, lots and lots of percentages. Quickest way for me was to break down numbers into units of 10. Don't think of it as finding 27% of some number. It's 10% + 10% + half of 10% plus 1% + 1%. Then you are just moving decimals and adding. And at least once it will ask you a question about reciprocals. First time I took asvab I forgot what that was.


Sift is more of the same as far as math, but it was harder. Study especially the first 3 or 4 chapters of the helicopter flight manual. Lots of questions came from there.


For apft, you should be doing hundreds of push-ups a day. I recommend at least 300 a day. Do sets of 10, work your way up to sets of 20 or more. I do push-ups while playing fps video games. Every time I die I get down and do a set of push-ups. Run every day. Distance runs, sprints, everything. Don't run just a mile, time it, and extrapolate out for your 2 mile time. I tried that thinking my 7:00 mile meant I could hit a 14:00 2 mile, and couldn't finish the 2 miles first time I tried.


Recommendation letters, call up local bases and ask to speak to pilots. Try to set up interviews.

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