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I asked him/her a few days ago to clarify, still no response.

Yeah, I saw that. I was hoping maybe asking again would prompt said response.


I almost thought they were a single post wonder, but that's not the case... weird.

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I'm saving up through a part time job to get a private pilot's license both for personal interest and so that is smoothens my WOFT quals a bit more. Thing is, I'm not sure whether to go for the Helicopter PPL or the fixed wing one. Obviously army aviators go helo most of the time, but I've honestly heard arguments for both.


Fixed Wing-

  • More applicable for civvies
  • Cheaper due to flight times, and school availability(like thousands cheaper)
  • WOFT has inevitable helo training
  • Board could probably care less, just the fact that you got your PPL is great


  • ARMY AVIATION = HELOS, so get helo training(biggest one)
  • Post license rentals are probably cheaper



FIXED WING. Why waste the money on something the government will pay for?


Edit: I just think this would help you in the long run, being dual-rated.

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